After several years at my previous site, I’ve decide to move “Phil’s Little Blog on the Prairie” to a new home. I’ve been recommending WordPress to new bloggers for few months now, and I guess it’s time that I started using it myself. The big reason for the move is that Earthlink, the host for the original version of PLBOTP, never upgraded their blogging software. In fact, they quit offering it to new bloggers a year or so ago. I had to do all of my own upgrades: counter, commenting, rss feed, etc., which meant that each new blog entry would usually take as long to cut and paste various bits of html as it took to write. This blog will make it much easier for me to post. Is that a good thing? You’ll have to be the judge of that. Oh, and the customizable header means I can have a nice view of the prairie right up front. Sweet.

Unfortunately, another side effect of using Earthlink’s software is the inability to export my old posts to this new address. So I’ll keep the old site online for anyone interested in referencing something I wrote there. But all new “Little Blog on the Prairie” posts will be right here. Along with more photos and maybe even some videos. Who knows? I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from readers over the last three plus years. I’m confident that WordPress has the will and the know-how to take us into the next three years…and beyond.