Minneapolis Skyline

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One of my year-end duties as a staff person co-employed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Prairie Star District is to let my employers know what I’ve been doing for the last year. One of the things I’m pretty proud of is taking the “Commuter Challenge.” The challenge comes from Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area Transit folks: “Between April 1 and June 30, try a better way of getting to work–ride the bus or train, carpool, bike, walk or vanpool. Do anything except drive to work by yourself. Pledge to try it just one day or make a bigger commitment.” Well, Julia and I have made a bigger commitment. We’ve donated our second car (a 2001 or so Toyota Corolla) to Habit to Humanity, and I’ve been taking the bus and the light rail to work at least three days a week. Here’s how I reported it to my supervisor: I’ve “started taking mass transit to the office. (In addition to conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions, this allows me time for reading job-related material while commuting. Just trying to practice what we preach!)” After all, our 2006 UUA Statement of Conscience says “We as Unitarian Universalists are called to join with others to halt practices that fuel global warming/climate change, to instigate sustainable alternatives, and to mitigate the impending effects of global warming/climate change with just and ethical responses. As a people of faith, we commit to a renewed reverence for life and respect for the interdependent web of all existence.”