Convention Center

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I just arrived in Portland, Oregon for the 46th Annual General Assembly of Unitarian Universalists. I flew non-stop out of Minneapolis/St. Paul on Northwest, which meant I had a good chance of seeing some other folks who were heading to Portland for the same reason. And I did: Lois Cole, the religious educator from Iowa city; and Gini Courter, the UUA moderator. Once I got to the airport, I ran into Eunice Benton and Tera Little, two of my district staff colleagues. We all rode the light rail together to our hotels (nice ride, I’m pretty sure the Minneapolis light rail is modeled after it). Tomorrow Eunice, Tera and I will join the other district staff members for a day-long meeting. After that, it’s Ministry Days, then GA itself. I’ll keep you posted!

By the way, I celebrated Fathers’ Day by making pancakes for Julia and Henry David this morning. I threw a few fresh blueberries into H.D.’s cakes. He took a bite and said, “Hmmm, pancakes good!” That’s about the best Fathers’ Day present a guy could ask for!