I presented the Prairie Star District-sponsored workshop this morning (The Congregation Census: Finding Out Who We Are) with my colleague, Jennifer Nichols-Payne. Things went well–we had a packed room and a lot of folks from around the country expressed some interest in bringing this census to their congregations. A web reporter from the UUA was there, so a write up of the workshop may appear on the UUA’s website soon. I’ll keep you posted. I’ve got a ton (okay, a few pounds) of new pictures to upload to Flickr, but I’m WAY too tired to do them now. I do have one, though, of me in action this morning.
Me in Action!
Okay, so now for the rest of the Prairie Star District presenters line up at this year’s GA:

  • Friday’s morning plenary will feature the Breakthrough Congregation presentation by All Souls UU Church in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Followed by a Friday morning workshop presented by PSD Community Minister the Rev. Patricia Jimenez called “Cosmic Race, Rainbow People, and Other Myths.” Should be good!
  • Friday afternoon is the Sophia Fahs Lecture with Bill Doherty presenting his “Home Grown Religion” lecture.
  • A little later on Friday, there’s a LREDA reception for all UU professionals featuring Bill talking about “Faith Development in a Too Much of Everything World!”
  • Saturday morning Dawn Cooley (former intern minister in Ames, Iowa) will present her award-winning sermon “Standing at the Precipice.”
  • Saturday afternoon finds Patricia Jimenez co-leading another workshop called “My Race Is (Not) Your Race.”
  • And finally, Joan Benziger of the GA Planning Committee (and the UU Society in Iowa City) will facilitate a feedback session for GA attendees.

I’ll go over my material one more time tonight to see if I’ve missed anything. If I have, I’ll post it tomorrow.