I mentioned earlier that one of the GA web reporters stopped by the workshop Jennifer Nichols-Payne and I presented last Thursday in Portland. I was hoping that there’d be a write up on the UUA website so I could point folks there for information on the Congregation Census, the family ministry survey tool that we adapted for Unitarian Universalists. (The original version was for strictly Christian congregations. By the way, Dawn Cooley was working with me as an intern at the time, and she did an excellent job making sure the survey was truly UU. Dawn also recently delivered an award winning sermon at GA, which you can see here. Just scroll down and click on the video for Saturday morning’s worship: “Worshipping Together, Witnessing Together”; there’s about four and a half minutes of nothingness before the service starts so be patient…or fast forward). So Dawn definitely made the cut!

In lieu of a fancy write up on the workshop Jennifer and I did, I thought I’d hard the PowerPoint presentation we used. You can find it below, or at this nifty website called SlideShare. It’s under the title “Congregation Census.” I’m going to write more about the Census in the next issue of my electronic newsletter for Prairie Star religious educators, youth advisors, and other folks interested in faith development. In the meantime, take a look. If you want more information on the Census, please post a comment here and I’ll get in touch with you.