Bell Tower

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I’m heading to the Hoosier State with Julia and Henry David at the moment, but before I got too carried away with my vacation time, I thought I’d do a quick post about the the latest photos I’ve added to my flickr page. They’re from the Healthy Congregations training I was part of over the weekend, which took place at my home church: Unity Church-Unitarian. After being away so much last summer, I promised Julia that I wouldn’t do anything “extra” this year. But since this training was in St. Paul, and since it was based on family systems theory (one of my favorite subjects), I couldn’t resist. What was especially nice about this training was that the trainers were district staff members themselves, Connie Goodbread and Richard Speck. Even better, a lot of my district staff colleagues were there, too. But the really great thing was the UU perspective on the Healthy Congregations model. Connie and Richard have done a terrific job of adapting the Christian elements for Unitarian Universalist congregations. I’m looking forward to working with Nancy Heege and Cheri Cody (a Prairie Star district volunteer who was at the training, too) as we bring these learnings to our congregations.