Check out “Midweek church nights build spirit” at the UU World. As the title suggests, it’s all about the trend toward midweek (usually Wednesday nights) programming in UU congregations. One of the congregations mentioned is Prairie Star’s own Unitarian Church of Davenport, Iowa. Here’s what the Rev. Roger Butts has to say about Davenport’s programming:

Programming in Davenport, Butts says, is all about faith development. Recent programs included a class called Living the Questions. “We try to make sure that everything we offer gives material for daily home reflection,” he says. “This reminds us that what we do is not just about our brains, it’s about growing our hearts.” On a recent Wednesday twenty-two children under 5 were in the nursery while their parents were attending workshops—and some of the children’s parents were community people drawn to the church by a program called Love and Logic for Parents.

You know I’m thrilled by the “Love and Logic for Parents” workshop, especially since it draws people from the wider community. Focus on faith development and family. Sounds like the way to go to me!