This probably isn’t what best-selling Beacon Press author Viktor Frankl had in mind when he coined the work “logotherapy,” but it’s something every congregation should consider. Church logos, according to “Top 20 Church Logos,” a recent post by Kent Shaffer at, should be “distinctive, memorable, timeless” as well as “aesthetically pleasing.” Most importantly, they should “communicate the quality” of the church’s “brand.” I think this is one area where UU congregations are woefully behind. Most congregations have no distinctive logo at all, and those that do aren’t necessarily fulfilling Shaffer’s criteria for good logo design. So take a look at Shaffer’s post and see what he’s talking about.

If you’re in the mood, you may want to check out You can play around with their free logo designer and try your hand at creating something that’s distinctive, memorable, and timeless. It’s fun and easy and you never know, you may come up with something that could shake up your congregation’s public image. I just spent about five minutes playing around with the designer, and here’s what I came up with:
Phil’s Little Blog on the Prairie Logo
That’s just a screen shot of something I was playing around with. But if you got your ministry team to agree on the need to create a new logo, you could develop one with the help of some graphic designers in your congregation that could really say something about the mission of your congregation. If you use, you’ll have to purchase the logo from them. But there lots of free programs out there that do similar things.

I’ll be heading down to an emerging congregation in Okoboji, Iowa to preach this weekend, by the way. I may post my sermon notes tomorrow evening. We’ll see…