View from Shalom Hill Farm

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A quick post this morning. I’m at the Shalom Hill Farm in Windom, Minnesota, for our district’s annual Board/Program Council/Staff retreat (I’m beginning to think we should just go ahead and call it our “leadership” retreat.) I’m here with Julia and Henry David, too. H.D.’s pretty excited about the trip because Shalom Hill Farm is a working farm. There are chickens and goats and sheep and horses–what more could a two year old want! At any rate, the retreat started yesterday with a report by Sherry Warren (our district’s Youth and Young Adult Specialist, or YaYA) and Emma Olsen (one of our district representatives to the recent Youth Summit in Boston). Board member Cheryll Wallace also reported on the fantastic Transformation Team she’s assembled to move the district toward becoming an Anti-Racist/Multicultural institution. Finally, Kathy Bowen and Libby Starling led us in some team building exercises All in all, a great start to a wonderful weekend.