The tag line for the original version of this blog was “So, just what does the Lifespan Program Director of the Prairie Star District do?” And even though the tag line for this version is different, my primary purpose for blogging it to let the folks in Prairie Star know what I’m up to. As I mentioned in my previous post, right now I’m in San Antonio, Texas for the Liberal Religious Educators Association’s Fall Conference. It’s traditional for the Program Consultants of the various UU districts to meet the day before the conference to talk about various issues concerning religious education and faith development. Here are a few of the topics that my colleagues and I (along with Harlan Limpert, the UUA’s Director of District Services, a.k.a. “Fearless Leader”) discussed:

  • The changing role of Program Consultants in our districts
  • Collecting statistics regarding the effectiveness of hiring religious educators for the first time
  • Guidelines for non-LREDA religious educators in our smaller congregations
  • An update on last summer’s Youth Summit in Boston, along with possible effects it will have on our district youth programming
  • Relationships between UUMA (UU Ministers Association) and LREDA chapters in some of our district
  • And a bunch of stuff about the national ad campaign, the “Voices of a Liberal Faith” DVD, and Association Sunday

The conference officially starts today, and it looks like a good program to me. We’ll be learning more about the UUA’s new faith development curriculum series called Tapestry of Faith. I’ll keep you posted!