Konza Prairie Scenic Overlook 1

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I’m sitting in Terminal C of the Kansas City International Airport, waiting for my (just slightly) delayed flight back to the Twin Cities. Since KCI offers free wireless in its terminals (whoo-hoo!), I thought I’d take a moment to upload some photos I took this morning while visiting the UU Fellowship in Manhattan, Kansas. I’ve saved 3 photos from the Konza Prairie Scenic Overlook on K-177, just south of Manhattan. It’s really quiet a view. And this morning was a perfect time to linger there on my way to the fellowship–sunny, breezy, not too warm. I have to confess that being able to spend time traveling was one of the original appeals of this job, and although I’m trying to keep my time away from the family to a manageable level, I still a pretty regularly thrilled by the differing landscapes I get to see as I roam the plains and prairie states of the district. The visit to the congregation was a success, too, and I’ll blog more about that later.