Okay, so these aren’t just holiday bargains. But since we are in the midst of the shopping season, I thought I’d try to put a holiday spin on our early bird registration rates for the upcoming OWL trainings in Lawrence, Kansas and Northfield, Minnesota. Here’s the deal: register now for either of the trainings and save $30 per registration. That’s right, you can save $30 by registering before December 21, 2007 for the combined Elementary OWL training in Lawrence (January 11-12, 2008) or by January 2, 2008 for the Combined Jr./Sr. High OWL training in Northfield (February 1-3, 2008). You can find all of the information for these training at the Prairie Star website. You can even register online. Just go to http://www.psduua.org/Workshops/OWLLawrence2008 for the Lawrence training or to http://www.psduua.org/Workshops/OWLNorthfield2008 for the Northfield training.

Here’s the part where I would say that these savings are for a limited time only. But actually, it’s not just about saving money. We need to have a least a dozen participants registered for each training by the end of the early bird registration period, or else we may have to cancel one or both of the trainings. And we’d really, really hate to do that. So, if you’re thinking of sending someone (or coming yourself) to either training, please register as soon as possible. You’ll save money, and you’ll help guarantee that these trainings will take place as planned. Thanks!