Yesterday I went to the North Shore Unitarian Church in West Vancouver, BC with a bit of my extended family. Julia and Henry David and I were were joined by Julia’s sister, Christine, and her daughter, Lyra (who’s not named after Lyra in The Golden Compass…which I’m almost finished reading), and Christine’s husband, Michael. It was a great experience! I was so thrilled to find out that I know several people from the congregation, including the young adult facilitator, Samaya, the religious educator, Lynn, and even the minister, Stephen. There’s really nothing like visiting a new congregation and finding a bunch of familiar faces. Not only were my old friends friendly, but as the family and I were making our way down the driveway to the main building, we were greeting by a member of the congregation who was walking along with us. Joan asked if we were new, told us that she was part of the religious education committee, and even volunteered to take Michael, H.D., Lyra, and me to the nursery to help get the kids situated. She said that she hoped we would feel welcome here, and I told her that we were. I was also pleased to find the minister, Stephen, right there in the foyer, greeting folks as the came into the building. Looks like another rogue minister in the making! All in all, a wonderful visit. I can sense great things happening in this congregation.