Former PSD DRE

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I was in Milwaukee last weekend to do a presentation on Family Ministry for religious educators and other interested folks from the Central Midwest District. I plan on posting most of my notes from the presentation because: a.) it’s been awhile since I posted a series on the importance of family ministry, and b.) I told the folks there that I would. I’ve got most of the notes ready to go, so I’ll probably start posting them tomorrow. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a photo of a friendly face familiar to people in both Prairie Star and Central Midwest. It’s Beryl Aschenberg, former DRE at the UU congregation in Lincoln, Nebraska, and current DRE in Milwaukee. Beryl also did some of my current job when she was in Prairie Star, working with the district youth. It was good to see her again, along with my colleagues Dori Davenport and Michelle Richards. At any rate, keep an eye on this space…more to come!