In addition to the Faith Formation 2020 report, there was another document that generated quite a bit of discussion at the recently completed Big Complex Meeting (BCM) of Congregational Life staff at the UUA headquarters in Boston. It’s the Vision Chart that the UUA leadership has been using to help guide their assessment of the current structure of the association with eye toward where we may be going in the future. On the left side of the chart is what we might call “business as usual,” our basic approach to getting things done for the last decade or so. On the right side is a vision of how things might be done differently. Of course, there are many things on the right side of the chart that we’ve been moving toward already. And there are plenty of things on the left side that we will need to continue doing (can the “gatekeeper” function ever totally disappear?  I doubt it…).  But in general this Vision Chart gives shape to some of the squishy concepts many of us have been trying to grasp in our work. I have to say, I’m all in favor of moving from the cool and standoffish to the warm and hospitable!