Once again, I’ve let posting to this blog slide a little (a lot?) over the last few (several?) months, and I’m feeling a bit guilty over it. Fortunately, the guilt is assuaged a bit by the start of a new year and the chance to recommit myself to the whole blogging thing. And there’s even a little extra incentive this year. The fine folks at WordPress have challenged bloggers using their platform to either post something every day to their blogs, or post something every week to their blogs. Since I’ve never been (nor ever intended to be) a daily post kind of guy, I’m taking them up on the latter challenge…with a twist.

A few months back I tweeted a nifty little item I found from Chris Forbes called Pastor’s 10 Minute Jump Start Guide to Social Media. It’s a quick and easy guide for busy pastors (or anyone else, for that matter) interested in using social media more without being overwhelmed by it. In addition to tips on how to participate, network, and share via social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., Forbes also suggests that in addition to posting, commenting, and tweeting to those sites, pastors should add fresh content to the web “about three times per week,” by writing “a blog post and link[ing] to individuals and pages in your networks.”

So I’ve decided to take WordPress up on their challenge to post weekly and up the ante by following Forbes’ advice to post about three times a week. Wish me luck. We’ll see how it goes.