Unless you live in Minneapolis, Minn.; St. Louis, Mo.; Baton Rouge, La.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; Rochester, N.Y.; Oklahoma City, Okla.; Tucson, Ariz.; Jacksonville, Fla.; or Pittsburgh, Pa., you may not have seen the new ad campaign by the Church of Latter-Day Saints. It’s actually pretty good, in my opinion. The impetus behind it was the desire to change the general public’s perception that Mormons are all the same. The ads do that by profiling a variety of people of different ages, cultures, and abilities. The end result is pretty effective, perhaps even more so than the ad campaign from the UUA a few years ago. Why? Because it features real people talking about what their religion means to them. I know that sort of thing was part of the UUA campaign, but it wasn’t what we led with. At any rate, you can see what the Mormons are doing at mormon.org, which seems to be, by the way, their official webpage…at least for visitors. (That, too, seems a little more inviting than even the revamped uua.org). There’s even a Meet the Mormons section where can “discover Mormons who share your personal experience,” as long as you’re content to limit the categories of your experience to gender, age, and ethnicity. I could imagine the uua.org website featuring a similar section, but one that would include a variety of spiritual and theological options along with different sexual and affectional orientations and a broader selection of gender options.