I don’t know if this is what you’d call “long awaited,” but the Faith Formation Learning Exchange website that’s now online promises to be one of my favorite URLs when it come to faith development resources.  In fact, I’m positive that it will more than live up to its claim to be “your source for research, practices, resources & approaches in faith formation across the whole life span.” Why? Because it’s from Lifelong Faith Associates, the fine folks who brought us the Faith Formation 2020 Initiative, which is one of the most comprehensive reports I know of regarding the future of faith formation in America.

The Learning Exchange has sections for every age and stage of the lifespan: Children, Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults, and Families & Parents; other areas of special interest include: Lifelong & Multigenerational, Ethnicity & Culture, Online & Digital Media, and Leadership. Every one of these sections has a menu with subsections on Trends, Research Studies, Articles, Podcasts, Models & Practices, Tools, and Resources. The site is searchable, of course, and there’s even a blog! (Okay, so they’ve only posted a welcome so far.) Anyone who works in any capacity with lifespan faith development in a congregation (and that includes ministers), should check out the Faith Formation Learning Exchange. You will not regret it!