In a comment to my post about the Ginghamburg Church’s website, Susan T. asked, “How about sharing some Unitarian websites that rock?” Good question! And thanks to my colleague Lisa Presley, Heartland District executive, I found one. Here it is, folks—a Unitarian Universalist congregational website that rocks so hard it’s positively seismic: the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis.

Where to start. Hmmm, just look at what the church says about itself in the rotating graphics at the top of the page (just below the menu that starts with “Visiting”). Here’s what you get:

  • Welcome: We are the church of the warm heart, open mind, and helping hands; where a growing, enthusiastic congregation shares ideas, dreams, and visions; where inclusiveness and diversity are sought and celebrated; where people are urged to get involved.
  • Our Covenant: Love is the spirit of this church, and service is its law.
    To dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in love, and to help one another—this is our covenant.
  • Our Congregation: Members of our congregation come from various religious, economic, social, and ethnic backgrounds.
    Our diversity creates a rich community where the inherent worth and dignity of every person is recognized.
  • Spiritual Growth: We are committed to providing a welcoming and open environment where people can feel free to share their ideas and experiences and inspire others to grow in their own spiritual journeys.
  • Strengthening Families: Our congregation welcomes and supports families of all kinds. We strive to provide an environment where family members can grow as individuals and as a family.
    Our rites of passage ceremonies allow our congregation to recognize and celebrate family milestones.
  • Making a Difference: Social justice, helping those in need, and service to our community are at the core of our faith.
    We strive to be a vital part of our community, working to make our world a more peaceful and equitable place.
  • Learning for Life: We are committed to life-long learning—learning about the world, ourselves, each other, and our religious heritage.
    Our religious education program provides classes, workshops, and activities for all stages of life. Above all, we support each other in the search for personal truth.

What? Did they just mention spiritual growth, supporting families, faith development, and social action as their raison d’etre? I have to say, I have never seen a congregational website (UU or otherwise) be so upfront (literally) about what they’re all, uh, about. But that’s just the beginning. Scroll down the page at and see what they have to offer. On the day I checked ’em out, there were links for the Laramie Project and the Vagina Monologues; an opportunity to Learn to Meditate; a head’s up about this coming Sunday’s service (including the Bible verse the sermon will consider); a feed of the congregation’s latest Tweets; a list of upcoming events (including a lot of small groups); a list of articles from the UUI Chronicle; and then, finally, at the bottom of the page, some nuts and bolts things that were also at the very top,  like “How to Get Involved,” “Religious Education,” “Newsletter,” and “Calendar.”

Sure there are some things that I don’t see (videos, podcasts…they may be here, just not upfront), but that’s a minor complaint. This website is designed to bring people into the congregation for some face-to-face interactions. So there you go, Susan T. A UU congregational website that truly rocks the interwebs.