It’s been awhile since I wrote about a UU congregational website (see my March 10 post “UUI’s Website is Seismic!“), so I figured that today was as good a day as any to check out another one. Actually, I’m more than a little chagrined to be writing about our friends in East Cupcake, what after my rather snarky post of January 24 (see “Bad News for East Cupcake UUs“), where I berated them for being anti-clerical and anti-Christian. But I’m a big enough blogger to admit when I’m wrong, and I have to confess that the folks at ECUU have really surprised me. Who would have suspected that this humble little fellowship in the middle of nowhere (not far from Lake Wobegon, I believe) had the foresight way back in 2004 to use as the host for their website? After all, this article on “5 Reasons to Choose WordPress to Run Your Church Website” didn’t come out until January 2007. What’s more, even though our friends at ECUU haven’t bothered to update their site since their post on April 1, 2004, they’ve shown plenty of wherewithal, chutzpah, and guts (or neglect) by continuing to occupy the same virtual claim they staked seven years ago—for no apparent reason. What. So. Ever.

There’s plenty to love about this site, actually. Por ejemplo, they kinda do two of the five things mentioned in the article “Church Site Essentials…Basic Elements of a Church Website.” They mention that they have some sort of thing (Program? Talk?) on Sunday morning, but they’re a little vague about when it takes places. They also give the impression that they meet somewhere, although where, exactly, Alan and Dawn live is a mystery. And while they don’t have a visitor’s page, don’t bother to explain their faith, and give absolutely no details about how to contact them, they do offer some interesting insights into their history and values. You can check them out here: