I just found out about this great service for visualizing information called Visual.ly. I didn’t have time to thoroughly explore the site, but I did play around with their “How Do You Compare with Twitter Celebs” feature. I opted for the random celebrity feature, and found myself going face-to-abdomen with @Shaq. While he clearly wins when it comes to the number of followers (4,195,447 to my 446), visual.ly says I’m a bigger retweeter, more interesting, and more social. So in your face, Shaq! At any rate, while the “How Do You Compare” feature is fun, the really great part about this site is the ability to create infographics and visuals. Maybe I’ll have time to mess with that some day. In the meantime, watch out, random celebrities! You can see the rest of the stats from my one-on-one with @Shaq at  http://bit.ly/pgPrXA.

Thanks to The Committed Sardine Blog of The 21st Century Fluency Project for pointing me toward visual.ly!