Okay, so GA isn’t a storm. But it is exhausting, so I’m catching my breath for a few minutes before the whole thing starts in earnest. So far we’ve had a lot of good preliminary programming here in Portland: Ministry Days, LREDA (Liberal Religious Educators Assocation) programming, AUUA (Assocation of UU Administrators) programming, and UU University, which just keeps getting better and better. In about an hour the district in-gathering receptions will start, which is a great opportunity for folks from the various UU districts to find out who else is here from their neck of the woods, and (perhaps more importantly) find out who from their district is presenting workshops, preaching sermons, receiving awards, or being recognized. This year we have several people from Prairie Star being honored: Kerri Meyer from Unity Church-Unitarian has been named Youth Advisor of the Year; Dawn Cooley, director of Stonetree Congregational Resources, has won an award for a social justice sermon; and All Souls Unitarian in Kansas City, Missouri has been named a Breakthrough Congregation. I’ll give you a complete run down of presenters from Prairie Star later. But for now, a quick nap before the full force of GA hits. (Remember, you can catch much of what’s happening at the UUA website.)